James Leigh Property Management - Powered by Keller Williams is an independent residential sales and letting agent with properties across Essex, London and surrounding areas. In addition to sales we manage over 150 properties for landlords across the region.

Owned and run by qualified individuals we are commited to bringing you only the very best experience of sales, lettings and property management.

James Leigh Property Management Charter

  • Honesty and trust: We will always act with principles and integrity. We are committed to putting your interests first and foremost in everything we do
  • Professional and unbiased: We are independent, are members of our professional body and promise to act for you with impartiality and without prejudice
  • Tailored and personal: We will take the time to understand your needs and tailor our service accordingly
  • Accessible and approachable: We will always provide you with at least two points of contact and the option to contact us by phone, in person or online.
  • Transparent and fair: We will clearly explain our fee structure and will never act on your behalf without your agreement
  • Listen and improve: We seek and welcome feedback. We will use this feedback to improve our service whenever we can
  • Timely and efficient: We promise to respond to you promptly and resolve any issues professionally and efficiently
  • Clear and concise: We believe in clear advice and effective solutions.